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02:25am 29/04/2017
  I'm realizing that I've let myself become increasingly isolated over the past few years, causing great detriment to myself and my relationships. I need to start reforming friendships, getting back to my interests.  
01:52am 10/12/2016
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book bit   
06:47am 13/07/2010
  A brash princess travelling in a strange land. Everyone is so milquetoast that the mildest insult leaves them paralyzed with self esteem damage. The religon is very prevelant and strong, and insists that everyone be very very polite and upbeat at all times. Pirates attack the travelers ship that the princess is on, and she is astonished to see that it is painted with "YOU SUCK!" and "We are allies to strangers! You don't want to be on this ship". The natives are all down writhing and exclaiming "I DO suck!!! WAAAAAAAH! I SHOULD JUST KILL MYSELF!"  
words in the cloud   
08:39pm 28/02/2010
  I have alot of memories stored in here and scattered around the internet. I need to gather them in one place  
10:58pm 26/02/2010
  Anyone around that still reads these ramblings?  
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cat love   
01:33am 07/01/2010
  My cat was laying on my chest so I could scritch it's head while I typed, but it just flipped itself around so it's on it's back. To anyone walking into the room I'm sure it would look extremely perverse  
time, space and tempature   
09:44am 10/06/2009
  Tempature is the average of the energy state of molecules within an arbitrary spacial limit. "This spot is hot" Gravity is the average of the mass of the molecules within an arbitrary spacial limit. From the theory of Relativity, we assume that mass can affect time. The essence of time is change, if there is no energy, there is no change, therefore time is a function of mass/energy within an arbitrary spacial limit.  
dark knight spoiler   
10:44am 18/12/2008
  Don't follow link if you haven't seen it.

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10:13am 17/12/2008
  I wonder who reads these days, what sub groups. I know kids read, I know techno-geeks read, I know women from 30 and older read. I'm not sure who else buys books for reading.  
To do: Tesla   
09:22am 16/12/2008
  Buy Tesla lab in Rahway NJ
Buy Tesla townhouse in NY
Collect copies of Telsa plans, possibly look into collecting blue prints and research papers from other famous inventor/scientists
FOIA Tesla's FBI file
Research Wheatstone bridge, possible shout out to heavyside.
book bit   
03:15pm 12/12/2008
  Stumbled, almost fell, scrapping against the wall. Back up, gotta move, gotta run, they are close behind. I can't see em, can't hear em, but I KNOW they are there, they are after me. If they catch me, I won't be me anymore, I'll walk, I'll talk, I'll call you by name, and ask after your kids, but deep inside, the real me will be screaming, and never escape.  
book bit, version 2   
03:12pm 12/12/2008
  She was cool and sweet, ice on the tongue and pain behind the eyes. Being with her made me feel like a god, like nothing could touch me. But every lie, every false smile, curdled my stomach, I knew she was bad for me, I felt soiled and greasy from her precense in my life. Time and time I again I swore I would leave her and went crawling back days later. She was like ice cream laced with heroin and motor oil.  
book bit version 1   
03:08pm 12/12/2008
  She was like ice cream, laced with heroin and motor oil  
book bit   
10:05am 10/12/2008
  I do what I want to do, because I want to do it,
I take what I want to take, because I want to take it,
Scream for your Star, cry over your Cross,
You know that deep down, you want to be just like me.
wilf day   
08:53pm 07/12/2008
  take off friday of, suprise in NYC, cloisters minimum  
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book bit   
09:22am 26/11/2008
  There are many Places that are similar Places, and across all those places are Me. I became aware of Me as I became aware of myself, pleasure and pain leading the way to understanding. As I hurt my hand, I knew of it, as I felt the pleasure of my mothers touch I became aware of others, as Me was hurt, I felt the pain as Me was enjoyed, I felt the pleasure. Faintly, faintly did I feel Me, slow I was to find the source of bruises without reason, smiles for no good reason. But in time did I realize that all of Me shared one life spread across all Places, and that when one was hurt, all could feel an echo of that hurt, attenuated by distance.  
dance dance   
09:08am 25/11/2008
  Looking forward to going out to Q's with my daughter on friday  
to do   
10:31pm 23/11/2008
  Find out how to become a literary agent
Find a ghost writer for biographies
generate contracts
find publisher
for the drinkers - wizard sticks   
11:48am 04/11/2008
hope springs   
09:23am 08/09/2008
  On my way to work this morning, growing along side the concrete barrier in the middle of the 8 lane super highway was a plump, fresh, bright red tomato.  
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